About us

Tayramana’s Vision:

Our vision is to create a medium where creative art and media flourish locally in Yemen. We believe this can be achieved through supporting local media and art with many different methods, not only a chance at high quality media production but also different forms of mass broadcast and local events as well.


Goals of programming in general:

  • Provide quality English language Media to the people of Yemen.
  • Educate and provide awareness.
  • Encourage local artists.
  • Help build a foundation to Yemen's advertisement and Media market.
  • Provide quality audio entertainment without compromising local values of religion.
  • Encourage and develop local media production.
  • Build a community outlet where art and media fosters.
  • Create a local radio station that is of international standards.
  • Create a excellent advertising medium.
  • Discuss community, local and international art.
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