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Coffee with Jenna

Every morning Jenna Adams will bring you the latest Technology news that will keep you up to date.  She will cover the daily weather forecast as well as important events that happened in history on the same date.  She will also give you some really handy health tips to help your mind, body, and soul.  You will also be hearing about the latest Science news that will change your perspective on what you already know!  Make sure you tune in every morning at 8 am for an hour of enlightening tips and news!


Rhythm Factory

Every night Ahmed and Jaz will be bringing you Tayramana’s Top 5 remix countdown with the latest songs remixed by amazing  DJ’s as well as Tayramana’s Top 5 cover countdown with popular songs sung by new and upcoming artists.  Along with some friendly talk, and a few disagreements, the show is light hearted, friendly, and entertaining.  Tune in every evening at 8 pm for an hour of fun! 


In Retrospect

Make sure to join Jaz every day for In Retrospect.  On this show, you will be hearing the top songs on the current date but from years past. This show will be sure to bring back some memories that will make your day brighter.  So be sure to tune in at 1 pm every afternoon for a stroll down memory lane!


Tayramana’s Top 10

Tayramana’s Top 10 is unlike any other top 10 show.  Join Jenna Adams as she features and follows the week’s latest and greatest hits on the Billboard charts.  This show will introduce the most liked mainstream and independent music out there.  Follow Tayramana’s Top 10 every night at 9 pm.  You won’t be disappointed!


Up Close and Personal

Tune in to Up Close and Personal if you want the chance to get up close and personal with your favorite artist. Join Leena as she gives you a glimpse into the lives of your favorite artist. She’ll tell you about the claim to fame, their love story, and give you some facts you may not know about the artist! You really don’t want to miss the chance to get Up Close and Personal with your favorite artist, you’ll only get to do that with Leena on TayramanaFM.

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